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Short Hair, Silk Press, Natural Hair, Relaxers, Oh My!

Differences.. So many options, so many ways to style your hair. We're all different. I've seen very healthy relaxed hair and very poor natural hair.. Just because your hair is relaxed does not mean it is unhealthy, Also just because your hair is in a natural state, does not mean it is healthy either. Short hair is just as desirable as long hair. Whatever way you decide to style your hair make sure it is HEALTHY!

Short hair can be easy to manage. Some clients just wrap their hair with a silk scarf at night and are good to go in the mornings. If you decide to go short make sure it wont be a struggle for you, and it is a hairstyle that you can style yourself and/or maintain weekly or bi-weekly appointments.

Silk Presses are a good way to achieve silky smooth, relaxer straight hair. A silk press should last about 2-3 weeks, depending on the humidity. To keep your silk press you should not take very hot showers, sit in saunas or steam rooms. also excessive exercise and sweating can ruin your silk press. If you know that you will be doing any of these activities, maybe braids or a protective style would be better for your natural hair.

So either way it goes and whatever style you choose, make sure first and foremost, that it is HEALTHY!


Tanesha B.

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